Details Information of Apple iPhone 5S

iPhone 5s is Smartphone that gad been made and sold by Apple Inc from the part of iPhone series. In the current times, iPhone becomes very popular as the high technology of Smartphone, this device had been revealed on September, 10 in the year of 2013. The placed in Apple center at Cupertino.

Apple iPhone 5s Specs and Feature

The iPhone 5s has card SIM that made from the aluminum with the nano SIM card container. iPhone also has the bigger internal upgraded but still hold the similar design from the previous series of iPhone 5. However, iPhone 5s give touch of colors, such as: gold, silver and black.

iphone 5s

The home button also come with the redesign touch ID that able to know the fingerprint screener system for your key lock system in your phone. In the iPhone 5s still authentication the Appstore and the iTunes store for buying system. The camera had been upgraded with the bigger aperture and dual LED flash that able to give optimum results.

The iPhone 5s had been use the A7 64 vit dual core with the M7 motions processor as well. The iPhone 5s is the first device from Apple that use the iOS 7 and introduced the visual looksd with the some new softwares as well. the new softwares are: AirDrop system from iPhone 5s, using the sharing WiFi platform, control center and soe control panels that usually use in this device.

The earphone that usually use is EarPods alo had been inlcluded in the iPhone 5S and Apple released th accessories that you can use, such as: the cases and dock as well. iPhone 5s received by positive responses and become the best Smartphone in the market because the hardware. The ID touch and iOS 7 become the best features from this series.

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